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A mother's gaze is like a magnifying glass held between the sun's rays and kindling.

It concentrates the rays of imperfection on her daughter's yearning for approval. This I knew: Because a mother's opinion matters so much, she has enormous power.

This experience -- together with her death before I finished writing -- transformed my thinking about mother-daughter relationships and the book that ultimately emerged. "Why are our conversations so complicated, our relationships so fraught?

For girls and women, talk is the glue that holds a relationship together -- and the explosive that can blow it apart.The five years I recently spent researching and writing a book about mothers and daughters also turned out to be the last years of my mother's life.In her late eighties and early nineties, she gradually weakened, and I spent more time with her, caring for her more intimately than I ever had before.There is no physical connection here, it’s all just to fill that emotional void.And these guys actually pay good money for the service as well.

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