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Saudi Arabia’s human rights record, especially with regards to protecting women, has often been called into question.

Women are required to limit the amount of time spent with men to whom they are not related.Earlier this year, a prominent cleric called for even more modesty, urging the nation’s “daughters” to avoid “any abaya that has any decorations… Two weeks later, a video circulated on social media showing an anonymous Saudi woman walking around a deserted fort north of Riyadh wearing a miniskirt, in seeming defiance of such strict regulations on women’s clothing.The six-second clip sparked a heated debate in the country, with conservatives demanding her arrest pitted against reformers applauding her bravery.Reuters editor Arlene Getz describes her experience of trying to use the gym and pool at an upmarket Riyadh hotel: ”As a woman, I wasn’t even allowed to look at them (‘there are men in swimsuits there,’ a hotel staffer told me with horror) – let alone use them.“Last year, Saudi Arabia proposed hosting an Olympic Games without women.”Our society can be very conservative,“ said Prince Fahad bin Jalawi al-Saud, a consultant to the Saudi Olympic Committee.

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