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Even he knows he got further in life than he ought to have done and, like the rest of us, he hates having it confirmed.

Especially in so many words and references he doesn't understand.

Andy will have a meltdown, afterwards, because his whole life led him to believe falsely that blowing a Vanderbilt would be a life-changing and cathartic experience. The NY Times will slobber over it and add it to the Op-Ed section - the Kelly Ripa will have Andy on her show and while tearfully telling his "tale" of Harvey dropping trou in front of him while taking a piss, telling him about how much he loved getting his cock sucked by starlets, "That _____ (bleeped out by the network)- talented girl.

Technically he managed to get the job done but if you've ever watched porn you should be able to deliver the basics. When he falls, no one is going to pick up that sad sack of self-love and self-hatred. Here he is with Tilda Swinton.[quote]Andy Cohen did more to ruin TV than anyone else in his generation. And yet if you ask him, he'll take credit for being one of the most forward thinking executives in the business. Ryan Seacrest will suddenly blurt out, "Merv did that in front of me! BTW, I used to work in news in the 90's, overnight shift when his dear friend AC was anchor on World News Now - you know, before he was out - cause it was always such a mystery if he was gay (and he was just too brave when he came out). One night, my friend and I went up to him, just to say hi, since we all worked the same shift, idea his lineage all of that..was before who he is (you now..The Mole, does he not remember?

Andy likes the perks and the praise, he has NO talent for actually running production. He’s the lowest common denominator gay elf who pleaded for his pot of “gold.” Total Cuntz. An old friend lived at 95 Horatio Street for quite a few years. During that time, Andy would have snubbed his nose at Horatio Street! It certainly looks renovated from the years my friend lived there. channel into the Kardashian channel wins that prize.

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They said no one of either sex would have sex with him anyway and that his complexion was "greasy and pimply, and he lies a lot about his teen years.That should be more a concern.agreed Well, Drag Teen was the most fun (& probably the most necessary) book I read last year, so they can suck's like cyber-cutting. If he hates data lounge, he must hate himself on some level. He's kind of cute in the long shot pictures, but all that gray hair is off putting.And have you noticed how he takes no responsibility for the damaged lives his reality shows have caused? Andy Cohen to replace Kathy Griffin for CNN New Year's Eve special.... But as a gay man, I'd be more likely to tune in if the hosts were Chris Cuomo and Van Jones or Matthew Rosenberg. I can't imagine gray hair to be an indication of studliness.Andy Cohen does not give a shit about anyone unless they are rich or famous. I think Andy’s pretty sexy actually, BUT he’s very much that sneering queen at the end bar loudly judging people surrounded by his equally judgemental sycophants. My cousin's friend who is a stylist to ALL the short queenie talkshow hosts/producers in New York says it's almost impossible to give Andy Cohen a good haircut because he twitches so much.He is an embarrassment to Gays, Jews, Caucasians, and people from St. Andy is the one guy I wish would get AIDS on a loop, he’s the single worst human excrement on the planet. If I dont care to look at men presenting their pits or whatever , I just don't look. He also demands weird shit like clotted cream while having his ears waxed.

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