Blender and grindr dating

And it looks like we, the gays, might even get the opportunity to have equal marriage rights. That there is a person who will be there to give you hug when you need it? Becuase god knows I don’t want to marry my i Phone.

In summary, the social networking apps have done some amazing things for their users.

And we're not just talking "I'm looking for a guy in NYC". But there was one catch: The only people who could take advantage of this cool idea were men looking for other men. The makers or Grindr just released Blendr, which has all the same functionality, but is open to women—women seeking men, women seeking women, women seeking men and/or women.

You would think it would be easy to meet your match when the internet is full of platforms to do just that.Don't just use Bender at home, wherever you go in the world, you can change your location and check out the local scene, it's used in over 160 countries and growing.You can even translate messages from another language.Because it was all about finding someone who was, say, at a bar within a two-block distance right this second, Grindr gained the reputation as a hookup app—and for good reason. It can be used as a way to make new friends in a city, meet up with people who have similar interests, and find a long-term significant other.All very cool, but we're most interested to know whether or not you'd try it out just for the hookup potential...

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