Windows update is being blocked from updating Sex chat room for old people

Boot into safe mode, if you need to, Head to Settings Windows Update and click “Update history”.

You’ll see a list of updates and the dates they were installed here.

For example, if you used this option after installing the Creators Update, you’d roll back to the Anniversary Update. If you roll back a driver or install a different one yourself, Windows Update will continue downloading and installing that specific driver over and over, overwriting your preferred driver whenever it checks for updates.

We’ll talk about how to stop that in a moment, but first, let’s talk about how to roll back the driver.

Updated my Microsoft Essentials then tried the Windows Update to no avail.

All I have been doing is data entry for Family Search. Now, I'm a great grandma and don't know a whole lot about all this. Nevertheless, I just fixed it; here's what worked for me. It is powered by Panda Security (as I learned by reviewing her Registry).

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For more information, see What are the risks of allowing programs through a firewall?

I have tried everything for several hours to get through to the Windows Update site and can not.

I was off the computer for more than a week and knew that I had to do my updating right away.

Anyway, I've noticed just then that Windows Firewall seems to block my Windows updates.

Whenever I have the firewall on, I get a 8024402C error when I try to update, and it seems to update fine when I don't have the firewall on. Essentially I added a new incoming rule which allowed all connections coming from c:\windows\System32\

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