Who is casey affleck dating

It’s been a difficult year for Affleck in other ways, too, though in some part due to his own choices.He has been caught up in the Harvey Weinstein scandal because the producer had been a mentor for his 1997 breakthrough film “Good Will Hunting” and had since been a frequent collaborator.

But with all that, Garner said she felt it was important to have her estranged husband join her for Thanksgiving.In the fallout from the Weinstein sexual harassment and assault revelations, Affleck also was accused by actress Rose Mc Gowan of knowing about some of Weinstein’s mistreatment of women and therefore of being an enabler.Affleck then was accused himself of groping several women.In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she revealed that he and his mother would be coming, but that they would occupy the kids while she cooked.She detailed all the dishes she happily planned to prepare all on her own: cranberry-glazed turkey, cornbread, stuffing, gravy, sweet potato pudding and pies.

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