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While it can be shown that Carbon-14 dating should not be used to determine minimum ages for items, it may still be used to determine maximum ages, because Carbon-14 must decay at some point, and objects which contain C-14 in them cannot be older than their C-14 content would allow.In fact, many objects which uniformitarianism would tag as millions of years old have been found with enough C-14 in them to require a much lower age.Someone enters the room moments later and sees that a flask is only 1/4th full and presumes it has been there for three days.They are using the prior ratio, not the diluted one.However, John Baumgardner, Andrew Snelling, Russell Humphreys, and Steven Austin, after noticing that C-14 abundances quoted in secular scientific journals consistently were higher than expected for certain organic materials, performed an experiment in which 10 pieces of coal were tested in a secular, high precision lab.These scientists had noticed that the distribution of abundances of C14 in substances derived from living animals (such as coal) was a different distribution from material that was from non-biological Precambrian specimens.Today, scientists attempt to determine the age of dead organisms by measuring the ratio of C-12 to C-14, by comparing it to an assumed but unobserved initial ratio, and determining how long it would take to get from the assumed but unobserved initial ratio at an assumed but unobserved rate of decay.Here are the key assumptions: There is one fact that makes it highly unreasonable to believe that the proportion of C-14 to C-12 was the same in the past as it has been in recent history: It is not in equilibrium.

But it cannot be higher, because if the coal and natural gas were as old as the evolutionary paradigm requires, the C-14 in them would have decayed long ago.[5] Evolutionists have speculated that the C-14 may be due to contamination from other radioactive elements in the surrounding rock.Let's say that 1/4th of the water evaporates each day, so that at the end of day 3, someone notes that there is 1/4th of the water remaining, where 3/4ths have evaporated.Now take the same one-pint container and pour it evenly into four graduated flasks, each one initially containing 1/4th of a pint.This dilution artificially skews a measurement if we use today's ratios.An example follows: We have a one-pint container and pour its contents into a graduated flask, then come back each day to check on the water's evaporation.

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