Logan and carol hannah dating

Chieftain Elementary honored the selfless sacrifice of our veterans this week.Students were given a star and encouraged to write the name of a friend or family member who served in the Armed Forces and what branch they served with.Chieftain Elementary recognizes a student of the month, from each class, at our monthly PTO meetings.The August/September student of the month modeled great behavior in their classroom and around the building.Particularly in talking head interviews, if we see a lot of footage of someone being a bitch (cough -- Irina -- cough), the editors probably want you to think he or she is a bitch. Bottom line: the producers are helping to form our opinions of the characters, and 9.9 times out of 10, they are trying to get us to feel good about the eventual winner.What this means: Irina and Nic are out of the serious running. Theory: Everyone loves an underdog, and the producers know this.

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In actually related news, Epperson has also joined Twitter! So this morning I was walking to the subway and mulling over the contestants' chances of winning this season, debating whether or not I should make a bold move and try to call the winner now (although, on second thought eight weeks in is not so bold....). I've been watching reality shows for so long that by now I should be the Nate Silver of elimination odds.

They are a great example of what a Chieftain student.

), Carol Hannah chatted with us about everything from being told she has the psychological profile of a man, to making goo-goo eyes at Logan in the workroom, to feeling massively depressed while designing her final collection last winter. Then check out our chat with Althea (CH’s new roomie!

They should make a remake of and call it the Ex Korsist and have Michael Kors play the priest and say things like "She looks like her ass is in her front." (ACTUAL QUOTE, by the way, from Season 4. A healthy dose of good-natured bitchiness could catapult someone into the lead a la Christian Siriano).

Assholes will probably be kept around for a while for entertainment purposes, but mark my words: they never win.

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