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My school reports were passed around to different family members and celebrated.I attended Godolphin and Latymer school, a selective, all-girls establishment in Hammersmith, so everyone was bright and we were taught to pursue our own idiosyncratic talents.As well as the Legion d’Honneur, a CBE and honorary fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians, I have 32 honorary degrees – all of which I’m really proud.Yet I can’t think of anything worse than hiding my intellect for fear of making a man feel threatened. My 88-year-old mother, Dorice, gave me some advice as a young girl that I still live by: “Be yourself and you are magnificent,” she told me. It is probably thanks to her and my father, Reg, who died in 2011, that I’ve achieved what I have.

However, I had little experience of socialising with boys.

Intelligence isn't really something that's easily quantified — plus, some critics have made the claim that sapiosexuality is, well, a little pretentious.

Gentlemen might say they prefer brains to blondes, but it seems that when faced with a romantic evening of oysters with a woman who might have far-superior brain power, many would rather pass to spend it with someone with far less mental wattage.

Amal is way up there.” For those specimens not quite in the Clooney league, the prospect of being overshadowed by a partner is intolerable.

Not all, but many men are only comfortable when they can have the last word.

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