Updating dell bios ubuntu 9 10

I used to manage some Dell’s running RHEL and I loved how easy it was to run all the firmware updates released by Dell for RHEL.

I always hoped that there will be some a solution for Debian also.

We first need to find out the released on 4/10/2007 that brings some significant improvements.

Now where can we find the bios update file in a format we can actually use? You need to have the proper system ID for this (not sure what would happen if you try with a different system bios as I was not curious enough to try this out :–) ). In my case this was: We will need first to load a kernel module (dell_rbu) that is required by libsmbios for BIOS updates.

Most manufacturers provide a Windows executable or a BIOS executable that can only be run under Windows.

However, there are a few utilities, that allow you to upgrade your system BIOS under Linux.

This article shows you how to make the startup entries again.fwupd is a simple daemon to allow session software to update device firmware on your local machine.It's designed for desktops, but this project is also usable on phones, tablets and on headless servers.Warning: Flashing motherboard BIOS is a dangerous activity that can render your motherboard inoperable!While the author of this article has successfully run this procedure many times, your mileage may vary. You may want to consider updating microcode instead if it is supported by your system.

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