How updating nvidia

An open source program available on Git Hub called Tiny Nvidia Update Checker is available for those who don't want to use Ge Force Experience to grab new drivers.It's tiny and its main advantage is it consumes no system resources because all it does is open, check, download a new driver if available, and then close. If you use Tiny Nvidia Update Checker in place of GFE, you'll lose all the extra functionality as well as auto notifications for new drivers.Make a note of the folder containing the "setup.exe" file which is the driver installer.

If you wish to have 3D acceleration in 32bit packages such as Wine, be sure to install the appropriate 32bit version of the xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-libs package for your driver variant.

You'll have to manually run the program when you read on PC Gamer that there's a new driver.

I'm sure we're pretty fast to break news about a new Game Ready driver but not as fast as Nvidia itself.

My question is, is it safe to update to newest drivers from Ge Force Experience (Ge Force Game Ready Driver)?

Officially, mobile GPU drivers should be downloaded from the manufacturer's website, but what if I want the last version of drivers? manufacturers only supply whql versions of the drivers, so often the 1s on the website are months out of date.

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