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However, the FHWA does not believe it is necessary for State and/or local highway agencies to have specific authority or enforcement responsibility for traffic control devices on private roads to ensure compliance with the MUTCD.

Owners or parties responsible for such private roads are encouraged to bring the traffic control devices into compliance with the MUTCD and other applicable State Manuals, and those who do not may find themselves exposed to increased tort liability.

Return to Top : In 2006 a specific definition of substantial conformance was added to the Code of Federal Regulations.

This is one reason why the official version of the manual is now published by FHWA on the Internet only.

All MUTCD revisions and new editions must be adopted via the Federal Register rulemaking process, which involves publishing a Notice of Proposed Amendments (NPA) soliciting comments, analyzing comments, and publishing a Final Rule. As stated in paragraph 11 of the Introduction of the MUTCD: "Figures and tables, including the notes contained therein, supplement the text and might constitute a Standard, Guidance, Option, or Support.

The 1988 edition was updated with many revised pages seven separate times over a period of 12 years, until a new edition was produced in 2000.

The practice of keeping field personnel abreast of amendments to the MUTCD by mailing updates proved unsatisfactory because traffic planners and engineers had difficulty identifying whether or not they were applying the most recent "updated" version.

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