Naked in larned ks

By the time of this song, Deacon was doing bit parts in movies and TV shows.Becker and Fagan grew up and went to college near New York City.

The sex doesn't mean anything, it's drunken and part of the 'musician' package."I rise when the sun goes down Cover every game in town"He's very hungover and wakes up extremely late, just in time for him to repeat the events of last night, visiting every bar/gig in town."A world of my own I'll make it my home sweet home"He's still drunk, but this routine is his life from now on. When it returns it's almost stumbling or slurring through the notes as though he's still learning or he's just drunk.

My interpretation of the lyrics."This is the day of the expanding man"Today is the day he's going to better myself and do more with his life. "That shape is my shade There where I used to stand It seems like only yesterday I gazed through the glass At ramblers, wild gamblers That's all in the past"When he was younger (teenager?

), he looked through the windows of bars at the cool people drinking and having a good time.

Although they had a few hits in the early 1970s with pop sounding songs, they longed to play jazz influenced music.

So they are out in California: drinking too much, taking too many drugs, having sex with women they don't care about, and they create their 6th lp - a masterpiece.

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