Dating adverts examples

Access Posterini easily from i PAD and Android tablets by opening a web browser and navigating to Most recommended browsers are Safari and Google Chrome.You might remember website Ashley Madison from the widespread infidelity scandal that led to scores of men committing suicide.It’s unsurprising that a site which encourages marital betrayal can occasionally hit below the belt with its ad campaigns, but the above example still came as a shock.

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In celebration of Khan’s empowering new policies, we look back at five examples of truly questionable advertising.

Windows Mobile users can also connect through their IE browser.

Millennials know that it’s now easier than ever to have your self-esteem destroyed.

There was the animal rights campaign that objectified women; there was the bizarre campaign that sexualised women by wrapping their naked bodies in giant plants and there was the above advert – which apparently aims to ‘save the whales’ and help us all ‘lose the blubber’.

The company itself admitted that the ad was controversial and gave no other explanation, replacing the billboard with a less divisive endorsement which stated that vegetarians lose weight.

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