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The tales contained in the Papryus are fictional, but they hint at the attitudes of the time toward cheating women.In reality, punishment was likely a private affair between husband and wife, rather than a criminal or moral issue for society.Pharaoh Ramesses II is said to have had so many wives and concubines that he sired more than 100 offspring.A straying wife and her lover could expect severe punishment, however, according to surviving literature from the time.The famous 'two brothers' mummies in Manchester Museum could be at the heart of an ancient family scandal.The mummies of two elite men, Khnum-nakht and Nakht-ankh, date to around 1800 BC and are the oldest human remains in Manchester's Egyptology collection.These moments are what make us believe in ancient DNA.' While it is is unknown whether one of the brothers, or both, were illegitimate, infidelity on the part of men was likely commonplace in Ancient Egypt, with seemingly few consequences for an unfaithful husband.

Illegitimate children themselves seem to have suffered no specific hardships or discrimination in Dynastic Egypt as a consequence of their position.

The pair's joint burial site was discovered at Deir Rifeh, a village 250 miles (400km) south of Cairo.

They were found by Egyptian workmen directed by early 20th century Egyptologists, Flinders Petrie and Ernest Mackay.

This indicated that Nakht-Ankh and Khnum-Nakht were very likely to have been half-brothers with different fathers.

This answered the 'million dollar question' - indicating the men were really half-brothers.

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