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For templates and visual specs please refer to the Trading Cards page for your app.From an app page select "Edit Steamworks Settings" under Technical Settings, then under the "Community" tab you'll find the "Trading Cards" page.Badges are usually displayed on #1B1B1B colored backgrounds.For each badge (Level 1-5 and Foil), please provide the following images: Crafting a badge also grants a single custom emoticon which can be used in chat on Steam, or traded on the Steam Marketplace. A user will randomly receive one of these emoticons when crafting a badge.Users need to log in to Steam each week to maintain eligibility.

The badges should increase accordingly in desirability and value.The foil badge is earned when the rare foil set of cards is collected.This badge should have a special treatment worthy of the foil cards: silver, platinum, shine, sparkle, etc.Once all your assets are uploaded, click the edit link beneath “Release State” to configure your card drop settings and mark your assets as ready for review.Once set as ready for review, your cards will automatically appear in our queue to review by Valve.

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