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We are a hosting company that provides space for individuals to create their website and manage their email on our server.

We do not submit spam to DNS blacklisting companies.

thanks Kumar Unfortunately, without access to the c Panel there is not much you can do from horde, If your company will not have whoever has the access address the issue for you. It would be great help if you can guide me to lower my spam score so that i can send my email as normal email not spam. Regards, Sangam gurung You need to look at the content in the email and your content to HTML ratio.

your best bet would be to add the email as a pop3 account under a gmail account so it will pull the email into that account and use googles spam filter to remove the spam. If the content uses known spam keywords it will increase your score.

I get several hundred and waste a lot of time marking them as junk.

The thing is, I moved to IMH from Go Daddy because of the better email pricing.

Most email service providers use the known blacklists found at sites like MX Toolbox.

When an email server is put on a blacklist, the server that was sending the spam will no longer be able to send emails.

Best Regards, TJ Edens Thanks John-Paul, but that account on our webpage is Not one of the addresses getting spam, (strangely enough).On the CAN-SPAM Act: A Compliance Guide for Business site, emails are unacceptable and considered spam if they: Once you submit that to spam to them, the sending spammer will be added to the Spamcop DNS blacklist and they will not be able to email anyone after that.Spam Cop encourages email administrators to submit spam to them as they help not only their own interest in stopping spam, but, other spam companies as well.hello john paul, My emails are constantly sent as spam to my clients. Also, if you have a lot of code in the email it will increase the spam score as well.I have had Inmotionhosting for about two years, and have not had a problem until about a week ago.

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