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The Arab-Muslim concept of the Caliph is similar to the Nazi concept of the Fuhrer, The Arab Muslim concept of sharia is the equivalent of the Nazi concept of a centralized and hyper-nationalistic government controlling the rights of the people. Dar el- Islam is similar to the Thousand Year Reich.

Approximately 100,000 European Muslims would be recruited and would fight for Nazi Germany during the course of the war.

In December of 1931, Al-Husseini, having further tightened his grip over Palestine and after having increased his influence in the Islamic world as a organized and chaired what was called the All- Islamic Conference in Jerusalem, an event that would further burnish his image as a leader of all Arabs and Muslims.

In attendance at the conference were pan-Arab leaders and representatives from various pans of the Arab and Muslim world including Tunisian Muslim leader Abd al-Aziz al-Tha'alibi, Indian Muslim leader Shawkat Ali, and Bosnian Muslim leaders Mehmed Spaho, the head of the Yugoslav Muslim Organization or JMO, Uzeiraga Hadzihasanovic, and hadzi-M ujaga Merhemic among others.

She was due to return a valuable archaeological piece to an Oxford museum, and it is missing.

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The appendix of this book also contains a number of historical documents, including meeting transcripts, letters of correspondence and other relevant documents such as the Faisal-Weizmann Agreement and the Balfour Declaration. Most importantly, although I think Morse has made a compelling case to argue al-Husseini's influence on the modern anti-Israel facet of Islamic terrorism, I think he overlooks the most significant driving force behind Islamic terrorism: religious fundamentalism.Morse states that this astonishing fact of history is recorded as barely a footnote in the published historiography of the War.Pavelić, the Croat leader, arranged for the creation of a semi-autonomous Muslim Bosnia within Croatia and sent al-Husseini to Sarajevo to begin recruiting for the Thirteenth Waffen SS Hangar and other Muslim divisions such as the Kama.This book focuses on the Grand Mufti of Palestine, Haj Amin Al-Husseini, and his influence in funneling anti-semitic, Nazi propaganda into the Middle East.From reading this book, you will learn about Al-Husseini's frequent meetings with the Nazis, including Adolf Hitler, Al-Husseini's push for extermination of the Jews and his responsibility for disseminating volumes of ludicrous Zionist conspiracy theories into the Middle East.

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