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Teen dating violence occurs between two people in a close, intimate relationship, though it takes different forms.It can manifest as physical, sexual, emotional or psychological violence, and increasingly teens are victimized electronically through social media, text messages, location tracking services or other online forums.Coinciding with Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, precincts across the city are spending hour-long sessions in high schools in every borough. Michael Eichner, head of the 49th Precinct’s domestic-violence unit, said the events have allowed his officers a chance to meet students and build ties with educators. For additional resources, every precinct has officers dedicated to domestic-violence issues and every borough has a Family Justice Center.

“These unhealthy relationships are a pattern of behaviors one person uses to gain and maintain power and control over their partner.

In today’s culture, it is difficult for many young people to identify an abusive relationship, and it can be even harder for them to reach out for help.

For these reasons, it is imperative to foster an open dialogue with our children to assure them that it is safe and acceptable to come forward when encountering any form of teen dating violence, bullying or other harassment.

Among high school students who experienced teen dating violence, one in four report suicide ideation and nearly as many attempt suicide.

These troubling statistics highlight a major crisis affecting young people all across the U.

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