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and is known for working with her labelmates and friends, such as Feadz, Mr. She was briefly married to French graffiti artist André Saraiva between 20.Uffie's music incorporates synthpop, She is perhaps best known for her single "Pop the Glock", as well as "TThh Ee PPa ARRt TYY", her 2007 collaboration with labelmates Justice.A” cartoon doodle tag of a winking stick figure with a top hat is legendary in Paris)/clothing designer/hotelier/restauranteur/nightlife guru, who is about to open the NYC outpost of the Parisian nightclub, Le Baron in Chinatown.Dexter-Jones, who just modeled in big sis Charlotte’s fashion show last Saturday, has been seeing Saraiva since the summer.The results include not only a faithful reproduction of the boots, but a wallet and card case as well, not to mention a colorful silk scarf inspired by the brand’s legacy of artistic advertising — all of which are decorated with Saraiva’s signature “Mr.A.” Bookended by a keyring, belt and make-up bag, Saraiva’s specially designed range is available now from select BALLY locations worldwide.Saraiva was born in Sweden, but moved to Paris at age ten.

André’s own street-art roots showed when LA icon Kenny Scharf stopped by to customise the (functional) pinball machine and together they graffitied the pink walls outside with their distinctively elongated faces and figures.The pair have been shot smooching by Saraiva’s BFF Olivier Zahm, the Editor in Chief of Purple magazine who captioned this August 7th photo “getting more and more in love every day” on his purple diary blog.Dexter-Jones went to Chapin and graduated last year from artsy Bard College. Over the past decade, the once-distant suburb of Silverlake has amped up its social status, exerting people-pulling power over the vast city of Los Angeles, drawing to its hills and winding avenues a slew of new, young residents as well as visiting drinkers, diners and shoppers.WHERE The bar is located on a prime corner of the mega-hyped Hyperion Avenue, right in the heart of a key nightlife district that extends along Sunset Junction, and already home to LA cool kid favourite Tenants of The Trees.

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