Puerto rico dating com

One that is interested in sharing his golden years with a lady of high values.

Not sure how t o go about meeting people here since my Spanish is limited. I hope to meet an attractive sexy gentleman between the ages of 60-75 years old.

Within a few years the Spanish colonized the island in large numbers and maritime travelers soon came to refer to it as "Puerto Rico," because of the growing and (rich port) of San Juan.

According to archaeologists, the island's first inhabitants were the Ortoiroid people, dating to around 2000 BC.

They were followed by the Igneri people from South America around 120 AD.

In fact, during the mid-17th century the Spanish successfully fought off numerous attempts by the Dutch, English and French to take control of their (now prized) colony.

But the desire for more land and riches was a powerful draw, and the Spanish began to take a renewed interest in their Central, South and North American colonies in the late 17th century.

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