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I just felt that how people are in “Paranormal,” like, “What do you hear? ASHLEY TISDALE: I love “Bridesmaids.” It’s so funny. There’s a movie called “American Movie,” which I feel is so brilliant, because it was so real.

” and Natalie Portman felt like something was after her in “Black Swan.” I think it worked all together. SIMON REX: I’d say “Paranormal Activity.” They were all pretty cool horror movies.

I really watched Natalie Portman in “Black Swan” with her hurried actions. I just finished producing a movie for the Disney Channel.

The cool part is that it really blends well together.

Paris and Simon dated briefly in , but they enjoyed some on/off action in the years following their split. However, way before this, Simon Rex was widely praised and given film with Ashley Tisdale and even a cameo from crazy 'Kat Williams'.It’s so funny, but I have all these comedians that I look up to who love it. (laughs) With this type of movie, you just have to roll with it. BE: Will you guys be approaching it more as an action blockbuster and less with the religious aspects? SIMON REX: I’m doing a spoof of telenovelas called “El Gringo Loco” and she’s in an episode with me. BE: I read you studied ballet for the part, but you don’t dance in the movie. In the end, we spoofed “Mama” more and cut some of the “Black Swan” stuff. Ashley Tisdale and Simon Rex have different credits to their comedic resumes, but both seem ideal for the latest incarnation of “Scary Movie.” While Tisdale is the idol of kids, tweens, and more than a few adults with her weekly portrayal of Candace Flynn on the Disney Channel animated series “Phineas and Ferb,” Simon is a veteran of the franchise, having starred in the last two installments.The pair recently sat down with Bullz-Eye to discuss “Scary Movie 5,” the latest chapter of the comedy series, featuring parodies of films like “Mama” and “Paranormal Activity,” as well as non-horror movies like “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” and “Black Swan.” BULLZ-EYE: When did you guys get to see “Mama,” which is the main plot of the movie? SIMON REX: We shot for about a 10-day reshoot when we got back to L. ASHLEY TISDALE: It was a lot of work with really long days. The movies we spoofed were already a year or two old. “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” wasn’t really a horror movie, so it needed some current horror stuff.

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