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[This story has been optimized for offline reading on our apps.For a richer experience, you can find the full version of this story here.Plebuch would turn out to be uniquely suited to the role of private eye in her own detective story.Now living in the suburbs of Vancouver, Wash., she worked as an IT manager for the University of California before her retirement.Dad, who died in 1999, seemed the likelier candidate.

He died while Jim was still a child, and Jim had only limited contact with his extended family as an adult.However, its customer base has more than doubled since 2014, and now contains more than 2 million people — and as more people get involved with recreational genomics, bloodline surprises are certain to become a more common experience.The 2020s may turn out to be the decade that killed family secrets, for better and for worse.For adoptees, many of whom can’t access information about their birthparents because of closed adoption laws, DNA testing can let them bypass years, even decades, of conventional research to find “DNA cousins” who may very well lead them to their families.But DNA testing can also yield uncomfortable surprises.

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