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But too often, I see these anti-lupomorph or dominance theorists making claims that are just as bad as anything you’d hear from the Dog Whisperer. We’re not exactly the same thing we were 30,000 years ago. You can know more about your potential health problems by looking at your parents and grandparents than you great-great-great-great-great grandpa. Dogs underwent selection pressures to become more and more incorporated into human society.

However, there are plenty of cases of dogs and wolves interbreeding.

As far as many conservative Christians are concerned, the entire effort to portray opposition to same-sex marriage as equivalent to opposing interracial marriage is profoundly misleading. (Allowing people of the same sex to marry is a much more radical change to the institution than opening marriage to men and women of different races — and the sexual morality wrapped up with male-female marriage is far more deeply intertwined with the theological traditions of Western Christianity than racialized theories of matrimony ever were.) The point is that politicians and commentators on both sides of the aisle do themselves no favors by drawing false analogies.

It's a form of hype — sloganeering used in place of reason.

There is not clear distinction between false reasoning and propaganda. The frame below provides a direct window to the following web page:

You should read all of these, because these fallacies occur frequently.

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