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I have a built-in metal skeleton that lets me get into all kinds of erotic positions.Once you have me alone, you won’t be able to keep your hands off me.Maybe you should crack a window – it might be rainy outside but indoors, it’s heating up!I always enjoy a good morning beach run – the sand gives enough that you have to change the way you move, there’s nothing else like it.I’ve been lying here for hours doing nothing but feeling myself up and now I’m ready to burst!

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You ever have one of those lazy days – one of those supremely lazy days, where you don’t want to move at all, and you just want to lounge around in bed all day, doing absolutely nothing?

Come join me in the shower, I need you to help me clean up! Touch me anywhere, experience how soft and supple I feel.

Run your hands up and down, squeeze my breasts and sink into them.

Lifelike Sex Dolls Read More Shelby is an amazingly seductive, busty and curvy TPE sexpot that knows all the right moves.

She’s also a partial male sex dolls – head, torso, arms, but no legs.

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