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Dr John Clarke: Now I'm just going to show you some pictures. Narration: As I watch the pictures, probes are detecting whether I release minute traces of sweat - whether I have an emotional response - empathy. Narration: No one knows how much of this deficit is genetic, and how much shaped by childhood.

But by the time they are adults, psychopaths aren't simply uncaring. Narration: But without a brain scan, how do we spot a psychopath before its too late? John Clarke suspects corporations today aren't just failing to screen for psychopaths, they're unwittingly selecting them. "An ability to do whatever it takes to meet a deadline".

you know, I had diarrhoea, I couldn't sleep, my life got that awful and black it seemed a better option to just be dead and stop it. Narration: But some corporations are now realising they have a problem.

Man: Someone I like and respect a lot almost died last night. Melissa was reckless, incompetent and stuffed up in a big way. That's why they call secretly on criminal profiler, John Clarke.

But what if you're the victim, and the corporation backs your boss?Like most victims we contacted, she would only tell her story anonymously.She was a confident, career minded public servant when she first met her new boss. They spread rumours about people, character assassination. The latest figures suggest one in ten managers are psychopaths, and this week Catalyst goes deep inside their minds - what makes them tick, how do you spot them; and how do you avoid being crushed by them. Then you could be working with a workplace psychopath.

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