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The expected number of digits required to find a search string is proportional to the length of the string, but the requirement to loop again makes the analysis a bit tricky. Doug Hafen points out that that not all numbers will loop because of the self-locating strings.O intervalo válido de um timestamp é tipicamente de Sex, GMT até Ter, GMT.

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The Pi Searcher uses a combination of linear search (searching each digit one by one) for small search strings and a pre-computed index for large search strings.

The result is that the Pi searcher is extremely fast -- it takes less than 1/50th of a second to handle most requests.

Dan Sikorski pointed out an interesting loop sequence within Pi. If you then search for 40, it appears at position 70. One has to wonder: What is the probability of finding a loop for any given initial search string?

Or even, within the infinite expansion of pi, would all searches necessarily fall into a loop?

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