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Enabled a women’s medical centre in a poor district of Kabul to stay operational. Grant towards the cost of running Window of Hope, the home for children with disabilities in Kabul.This will be our last grant after 7 years of support, their parent organisation having recently obtained charity status in the US.Scholarships for seven female students to continue studying medicine at university.Second payment to UK Charity ‘War Child’ for kindergartens for children in Herat district and training for women in agricultural to help them generate an income and become self-sustaining.Emergency funding for three kindergartens in Kunduz city whose supplies were destroyed when Taliban over-ran the city last year.A clean water, hygiene and sanitation project in ten villages in the Wakhan Corridor.Enabled 5 female graduates to receive further industry standard IT training, facilitating entry into a male-dominated employment sector.Paid for the ‘last brick in the wall’ required to finance the 2017 Afghanistan National Juggling Championship, with Festival events and shows in 5 Regions.

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This year two climbed to 18,000 feet, breaking the altitude record for female nationals and so changing perceptions of what is possible for Afghan women.Fee scholarships to 8 young women training to become doctors.Enabled 40 women to establish small orchards and 120 women to start modest vegetable plots in the remote Wakhan corridor. 30% cut this year Annual contribution to allow ‘Womanity’ to provide libraries in girls’ schools in rural Afghanistan.Grant to Healthprom for the excavation from solid rock of the final two, out of our programme of ten, drinking water tanks in the Qaraghage area of Balkh province.Providing safe drinking water to remote villages and reducing the mortality of infants.

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