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Home-educated, growing up with no TV or CD player, forbidden to go to the cinema ("I thought they were smoking and drinking and having orgies in there"), he really discovered guitar rock only in his mid-teens, when his father left his ministry in disgrace (there had been affairs and drinking) and his parents divorced.

Yet music had long been Caleb's secret succour."When I was younger, I would take this little radio everywhere.

Look at all the hurricanes and earthquakes and everything that's going on, to me its almost like what has been done in America has brought on the feeling of a religious war, and along with that a lot of other prophecies are coming to pass.

It scares me."The complexities and contradictions of Caleb and his siblings are what makes the Kings of Leon so fascinating.

The Kings of Leon possess the charisma, swagger, intensity, pop hooklines and dirty rock sensibility to make them all-time greats.

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"In prophesy, it says at the end of days there will be wars and rumours of wars.

Music gave me my own little world."That conflict between the spiritual and the earthly, between the promise of eternal redemption and the temporal pleasures of sex and drugs has been at the heart of some of the greatest rock and roll since Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis.

And it is still there in the Tennessee genes of the Kings of Leon."When things were starting to happen, I can recall every night trying to go to bed and something was saying, 'If you leave, you can never come back [to the church].' It was like being a kid again, sleepless nights, over and over, and I would have to turn on the TV to drown it out.

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We love Lily Aldridge's style that marries rock 'n' roll vibes with fashion-forward pieces, always with an effortless cool.

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