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The most beautiful painting in the Expo- sition gallery commemorates this circumstance.Close by San Francisco and fronting the chapel of the Vir- gin of Miracles there is a house of special architecture which offers no point of resemblance to any other in Lima.Poor beasts of burden, they plod along, bending beneath their heavy loads, often with sides bleeding and torn from the cruel sharp sticks of their still more cruel drivers.A scarcity of grass, trees, and field flowers is noticeable; but the brightly- painted houses, vivid blues, reds, yellows, and greens, give a touch of color to a landscape which would otherwise look barren and dreary.It is not unusual for four races to live under the same roof.There is none of that formality so general in the lower class of Europe.That the house belonged to one of the con- querors, companions of Pizarro, is proved by the stairway, placed fronting the street door, because that was one of the prerogatives of the conquerors.To-day ten such houses with their stairways cannot be found in Lima.

Its corner-stone was laid by Pizarro, twelve days after the city was founded. 55 the dry season, but swelling to a torrent when the winter rains on the mountain flood its branches. Lights, gardens, filled with odorous bloom, That shed abroad their rich perfume, And glitter in the fountain's play That heavenward flings its crystal spray. The city lies upon both banks of the river Rimac, a tiny stream hardly two feet deep during 1901.] THE CITY OF THE KINGS. Passing on our way the flat-roofed houses, catching glimpses through half- opened gates of the inside gardens with their statues, fountains, and growing plants, we meet a young Peruvian, her beautiful dark face coquettishly framed by the lace mantilla they all wear so gracefully; her maid discreetly follows, wearing the " manto," or shawl like garment of the native women. Leaving the gloomy little station at which we had arrived from Callao we took a carriage and were driven up the narrow street leading to Plaza de Armas.

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