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The letter was sent in August, after former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Ailes.

According to the Times, the settlement was reached on September 5, around the same time Fox News settled Carlson’s lawsuit.

Huddy’s settlement was one of five Fox News and O’Reilly reached with accusers, reaching a total of million, The New York Times reported on April 1.

On April 19, O’Reilly was fired Huddy, who is Roger Ailes' goddaughter, also claimed that she was sexually harassed by Jack Abernethy, who was named co-President after Ailes was ousted.

She has since changed iit to note that she is a “FOX vet.” Huddy didn’t make any mention of the allegations she made against O’Reilly when she left, likely because of the confidentiality agreement.She did share a statement on Twitter, announcing her departure.“There past few years have been, in many ways, the most rewarding I’ve ever had – professionally and personally,” she wrote.Law Newz first reported on the settlement, which came before the 47-year-old Huddy ever filed a public lawsuit.The site reports that it obtained the draft to a letter of intent to sue, which included a list of allegations against O’Reilly and Abernethy.

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