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But seal my lips on my own aches and pains -- they increase with the increasing years and my inclination to recount them is also increasing.

I will not ask thee for improved memory, only for a little more humility and less self-assurance when my own memory doesn't agree with that of others.

"Good things come to those who wait.""I always thought that was 'Good things come to those who do the wave,'" said Simon. Water does.” ― Margaret Atwood, “A waiting person is a patient person.

"No wonder I've been so confused all my life.” ― Cassandra Clare, “He was the crazy one who had painted himself black and defeated the world. Trust me, though, the words were on their way, and when they arrived, Liesel would hold them in her hands like the clouds, and she would wring them out like rain.” ― Markus Zusak, “To say that one waits a lifetime for his soulmate to come around is a paradox. The word patience means the willingness to stay where we are and live the situation out to the full in the belief that something hidden there will manifest itself to us.” ― Henri J. Nouwen “No pain that we suffer, no trial that we experience is wasted.

Bennett, tags: calm, faith, growth, inspiration, inspirational, inspirational-attitude, inspirational-life, inspirational-quotes, inspire, inspiring, life, life-and-living, life-lessons, life-quotes, living, motivation, motivational, opportunity, optimism, optimistic, patience, positive, positive-affirmation, positive-life, positive-thinking “Water does not resist. When you plunge your hand into it, all you feel is a caress. But water always goes where it wants to go, and nothing in the end can stand against it. Try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books written in a foreign language. They cannot now be given to you because you could not live them. Keep me from becoming too talkative, and especially from the unfortunate habit of thinking that I must say something on every subject and at every opportunity.

If you're ready to get back in the saddle again, here are five key tips to help you on your way.And the pool of single men looked more like a droplet compared with the ocean available to her during her younger years. Census Bureau, approximately nine in 10 people will marry, but about one half of first marriages end in divorce.Yolanda may have felt alone on the playing field, but she was far from it. The number of women living alone has doubled to 14.6 million, and the number has nearly tripled for men, jumping from 3.5 million to 10.3 million.Conversely, those who appear insecure and desperate, call a love interest excessively or engage in sexual activity too soon, send signals that they hold inferior unseen traits.So just as we tend to assume that expensive cars are better than similar, cheaper ones, we may also conclude that those demonstrating high social prices have unobserved qualities superior to those with lower social prices. For instance, individuals with a substantial income but little else to offer may exaggerate their social price.

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