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(PS: it’s rechargeable battery powered and also can be solar-powered.) An alternative to use little Internet network is to try the Wi Fi security camera RLC-411WS.It will watch over your home 24/7, record videos to its built-in SD card and only use your network when you remotely access the camera to get live view or when motion alerts are sent to you.You may not have Internet network in your area, or you do have network but never want the Wi Fi cam to use up too much data of your network (in many cases you find the Wi Fi cameras are eating up the bandwidth).

The answer could be “YES” and “NO”, because that depends on how you “use” that Wi Fi security camera.Remember that you need to connect the system to a router if you need remote viewing, and monition detection alerts (emails or push notifications sent to your mobile phone).Tips: Buy a Wi Fi surveillance camera system with 2T2R MIMO antennas, which guarantee stronger signal reception and no signal loss. 29, 2018) You can also try a wired security camera kit if your monitoring place has no Internet. It works like the wireless security camera system mentioned above.And most importantly, the wireless security IP camera won’t get your Internet access unless you use your phone to connect to it and get live streaming remotely, or unless it detects burglars and sends video or images to you.In a nutshell, the Wi Fi surveillance battery camera uses your Internet only when it’s necessary, so it won’t “eat up” your data.

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