Xrated dating

The ads are part of the Google custom-content network and formerly appeared on websites, such as You Tube and My Space, that carry third-party advertising.

You can try to go on with the right intentions and profile description in attempts to repel the kind of advances you don't want but even still, women find themselves flabbergasted with The viral Straight White Boys Texting Tumblr page explodes with the reality of how men treat women online. You can be sweet as a Georgia peach with a picture of you singing gospel songs in church and receive unwanted dick pictures and blow job requests.The ads were classified as "non-family friendly" within the past week, says Thomas Koshy, VP of marketing at Avid Life Media, the parent company of Cougarlife.com, the largest dating site that caters to that audience.Cougarlife noticed a drop in traffic after Google pulled the ads a few days ago, said spokeswoman Caitlyn Coverly, adding that 50 per cent of its revenue is pulled in by these ads.There was even mention of "making me squirt." I can't even make this stuff up anymore.So I wondered, what would it be like if a seemingly normal woman like myself went online and began sending the most over the top and perverted messages to every assumed nice and normal guy I could find?

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