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Perhaps, that is why it is never directly addressed in Scripture.

Perhaps, it is not something on which we should dwell.

Scripture speaks of the court of the king, a court of law, and the outer court(yard) of the Temple.

Nowhere does the word refer to anything relating to romance or preparing for marriage.

While it is never stated that the attraction was primarily physical, we are given to believe that this may have been the case.

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Once a couple was betrothed they were, ‘off the market,’ no longer available for any type of romantic activity. How did two young people decide to become betrothed? Here is where I get radical, but I believe it is also Biblical. The Bible doesn’t tell us anything about the ritual of courtship, or any ritual prior to the betrothal commitment, but we do get a few hints.Joseph and Mary were betrothed when she was found to be with child.Joseph would have had to divorce her to be out of the bonds of marriage.If the Bible doesn’t talk about courtship or dating, how do we pursue romance and marriage? While Scripture does not tell us in so many words, I do believe it gives guidelines in that area. The Bible often speaks of betrothal (or espousal), but never tells us exactly what it was.However, we can learn much from the Biblical examples of it.

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