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To a guy, here are the things that change after he has a girlfriend:-He's off the market-He can't look around as much (or as obviously?) -He can't cheat or date other people -He is most likely in it for the long haul (whether that's a few months or a few years) I think women who avoid titles have the same issues.Plenty of guys hang out with women consistently, are physically intimate, say they care/have feelings, but then turn around and say "I don't want to have a girlfriend." There's a heavy connotation with the word.So the status defense mechanisms are using words that are not as serious as "boyfriend or girlfriend" such as: we are dating, we are hanging out, we are talking, etc.Ultimately, agreeing that you're "boyfriend-girlfriend" is agreeing on the logistics of a relationship.You're no longer "friends with benefits," or "casually dating," which is another step in intensity.You can swipe through profiles and like as many as you want.

If I ever try to change it, I think the whole system will break as the gears on my Facebook status are dry and rusty..a bat might fly out of there.Do you have the "what are we" conversation often, and does it work out for you? If the idea of having to speak to a stranger causes you to settle into a perma-cringe, you’re not alone — but that friction is exactly the point of Hotline, which launched on Monday.I talk to many friends who get hung up on "status" of a relationship. On one hand, if you're dating everything is great, the person is treating you right, why does it matter if you're labeled girlfriend-boyfriend?On the other hand, if things are so great, why not just go ahead and admit you're girlfriend-boyfriend?

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