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Fatima and her boyfriend had been together for about two years when she discovered she was pregnant. I didn't want to do it, but in this society I didn't have any choice," she says, now an outspoken 27 year-old.

Even going to a hotel means checking into different rooms and sneaking between them.

Hidden lives With their secret lifestyles, these three young people from Cairo's liberal, intellectual elite are pushing at the limits set by a society dominated by traditional views.

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Dr Khofash is certain that the number of abortions is increasing: "All gynaecologists know this, but we don't know how much it is increasing by." 'Not widespread' But Dr Sahar Tawila of Cairo University, who co-ordinated one of the most comprehensive studies ever of young people in Egypt, believes the prevalence of sex before marriage has been dramatically overblown in the Egyptian media. Sexual relationships do exist, but they should be put in proportion." In the 2001 nationwide study, 21% of young men with higher education said they knew someone who had had pre-marital sex - and this dropped to 1.4% among the uneducated.

Dr Tawila says young people, particularly girls, are highly aware of the risks of pre-marital sex.

On any summer evening along Cairo's 6th October Bridge, veiled figures nestle up to young men.

"I hate it when I remember it, because it was a very, very bad experience." Her family know nothing of her ordeal. He has had sex several times and feels no guilt, but would never tell his parents.

"I don't have the courage to shake their beliefs - especially my father's," he says.

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