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Consequently, historians regard all these eras as equal. This means that between, for example, Thus the year 2018 actually signifies "the 2018th year".Neither the choice of calendar system (whether Julian or Gregorian) nor the era (Anno Domini or Common Era) determines whether a year zero will be used.Jacques Cassini, creator of the current method, explained: The year 0 is that in which one supposes that Jesus Christ was born, which several chronologists mark 1 before the birth of Jesus Christ and which we marked 0, so that the sum of the years before and after Jesus Christ gives the interval which is between these years, and where numbers divisible by 4 mark the leap years as so many before or after Jesus Christ., and as a calendar leap year divisible by 4 (having an extra day in February).Years Before Christ are of a negative value (or zero).Since the numeric values of years are unique integers, the designations "AD" and "BC" are useless (BC is misleading), and are generally omitted.Previous Christian histories used anno mundi ("in the year of the world") beginning on the first day of creation, or anno Adami ("in the year of Adam") beginning at the creation of Adam five days later (the sixth day of creation according to the Genesis creation narrative), used by Africanus, or anno Abrahami ("in the year of Abraham") beginning 3,412 years after Creation according to the Septuagint, used by Eusebius of Caesarea, all of which assigned "one" to the year beginning at Creation, or the creation of Adam, or the birth of Abraham, respectively.

He introduced the new era to avoid using the Diocletian era, based on the accession of Roman Emperor Diocletian, as he did not wish to continue the memory of a persecutor of Christians.The Arabic numeral for zero (0) did not enter Europe until the thirteenth century.Even then, it was known only to very few, and only entered widespread use in Europe by the seventeenth century.In chapter II of book I of Ecclesiastical history, Bede stated that Julius Caesar invaded Britain "in the year 693 after the building of Rome, but the sixtieth year before the incarnation of our Lord", while stating in chapter III, "in the year of Rome 798, Claudius" also invaded Britain and "within a very few days … the fortysixth [year] from the incarnation of our Lord".Although both dates are wrong, they are sufficient to conclude that Bede did not include a year zero between BC and AD: 798 − 693 1 (because the years are inclusive) = 106, but 60 46 = 106, which leaves no room for a year zero.

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