Shoes accommodating afo braces

However, when she started pulling to stand I knew I needed to tackle the scary beast of shopping for shoes. While a nice squishy tongue makes shoes comfortable for people who only need to fit feet in their shoes, people with AFOs get no benefit. You can use a seam ripper or scissors (open the scissors wide and use one of the blades like a knife sawing the threads until they break free). The velcro now comes all the way across and the shoes fit as designed.I kept thinking, it should not be this difficult to find shoes! You do NOT want to leave a rough area inside the shoe that could rub on your child’s foot. They come with a down-loadable sizing chart to guarantee fit.They also come with a steep price tag and are on the heavy side.

Men's Athletic - Step into style with this supportive walking shoe with rigid, extended heel counters for active lifestyles. Design provides extra support at the ankle, double depth for moderate swelling and added width at the toe.

​Answer2 shoes are known for their commitment to fit, quality and styling.

ANSWER2 shoes offer an extra depth line of "off-the-shelf" contemporary styled shoes, specifically designed to accommodate AFOs, KAFOs and shoe inserts.

Piedro footware carries shoes that have the orthosis built in.

Not too sure what the PT would say about that, but might be good for occasions where you’re not sure if you need orthotics or not, but want to have options.

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